Blu-Mar Family Game

Goblin Ambush
What are new PCs made of?

The heroes were hired by Gundren Rockseeker to escort a wagon full of provisions to Phandalin. As the heroes rounded a curve on their way down the Triboar Trail they came upon the remains of Gundren’s horses. His saddlebags were looted and his map case had been emptied.

As the heroes were investigating the scene three goblin archers ambushed them. Callisto found herself well ahead of Heathling and Fag Gal as she had been examining the horses. She took the brunt of the attack and went down early.

Fag Gal and Heathling held back and pelted the goblins from a distance. Javelin after javelin, sling bullet after sling bullet flew through the air. Many of them missed their targets, but a few well aimed bullets from Heathling hit their mark.

Finally only Grizzle remained. He saw that he was outnumbered even though Callisto laid bleeding out on the ground nearby. He quickly ripped a soiled piece of white cloth from his clothing and frantically began waving it in surrender. Unfortunately he only spoke goblin and Heathling and Fag Gal didn’t understand his frantic pleas.

They continued their assault on him trying to avenge their fallen ally who continued to gush her lifeblood all over the road.

Seeing his peaceful actions and calls for mercy were going unnoticed Grizzle quickly rushed to Callisto’s side and stabilized her mere moments before death claimed her. This act appeared to convince the attackers of his sincerity in trying to surrender.

Through Callisto he agreed to aid the heroes on their quest to find out what happened to Gundren Rockseeker.

150XP (50 each)


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